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Interesting Gray And Yellow Living Room Ideas

Gray And Yellow Living Room Ideas

Gray is one neutral that has been gaining a lot of attention when it comes to use in interior design. Long thought to be a boring neutral, those days are far behind as almost every shade of gray is available in all kinds of pieces and furnishings that can be used as everything from the highlighting pieces to the understated accents.

To add some more visual contrast, one trend that is taking it off is pairing this neutral with a warm hue like yellow. These two go well together in many ways, but there are some items that you should learn about so that you can avoid going overboard. Here are some gray yellow living room ideas.

The combination of gray and yellow is popular when it comes to many design styles, but it seems to have the most use in contemporary and modern designs.

Choosing the rights shades is often key. While gray is neutral, you have to be careful with the yellow. It is often best to go with a yellow that is not the same intensity as your gray so that it does not behind in too much.

Many fear using bright yellow, but it is okay as long as it is used carefully. For instance, having most of your room bright yellow with some light or dark gray can work really well. Bright yellows can also be used as accent pieces. Carefully using the gray can keep it from looking too bright and distracting.

Choose from grays like slate, heather gray, charcoal, etc. Yellow comes in so many shades ranging from a light butter to canary to goldenrod and much more. Try choosing one to a few shades of each for a small palette for your decor.

Gray And Yellow Living Room Ideas

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One of the most common ways to use this duo is to have gray as your main color with various yellow accent pieces. For example, you can have light or dark gray walls, a light or dark gray sofa, tables, or chairs, and flooring in your living room. To add some contrast, you can pick a yellow that you like for your fabrics like rugs, drapes or curtains, along with cushions and other accessories.

The reverse can also work with having various yellow pieces in a mostly yellow room with some gray accent pieces to break up the monotony. Highlighting dark gray in a room can make it appear more snug and warm, while highlighting light gray can make an area appear more airy and cool.

There are many ideas when it comes to gray and yellow living room ideas. Mixing and matching can work, as well as choosing one highlighting shade in gray and yellow and a contrasting shade in the other color. Either way, you will have a room that sets you apart from the pack.

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