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How To Pull Off Grey Living Rooms In The UK

Grey Living Rooms In The UK

Grey is the most preferable color for areas such as the bathrooms and other rooms without lots of traffic. There are people who also try grey shades for their kitchens, especially because a screaming color might be too distracting. Very few people know what to do with this color. It’s very hard to decorate your house since in most cases it comes off dull. Well, if you’re looking into grey living room ideas in the UK, here are some amazing tips to help you pull it off.

You should know that white living rooms are becoming less popular over the years. Basically, you can say that grey is the new white and lots of people are trying out this color. Grey is an elegant neutral color that pops bolder tones rather than screaming or shouting. Getting it right has particularly been a trouble for most people. Depending on the temperature you choose, you will most likely elicit different feelings and impact the mood of your living room accordingly.

Therefore, if you’re planning on painting your living room walls in grey, you should look for a flat paint without any gloss. If you make the mistake of choosing glossy grey paints, the result will appear like industrial metal, especially a dumpster. Most people avoid flat wall paints because smudges can be seen very fast as well as fingerprints. However, with grey you can actually hide the flaws more competently than you would with other colors.

Grey Living Rooms In The UK

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Also, you should consider having a creamy trim for your grey living room walls. Stark white walls are usually too jarred while white dove paint is the best choice regardless of whether you’re trying out light or dark grey colors for your living room. Make sure the room has lots of sources of light. For instance, you should add floor lamps, table lamps and much more.

Remember, grey is mostly referred as the color of the shadows. Therefore, you don’t want to cast more shadows in your living room, especially with an overhead fixture. If you add lots of layered lighting to the living room, you can make the color look more flattering. If you’re living room has lots of large windows, you can definitely pull off this color. With more natural lighting, you can pop the color and make your living room look more interesting.

With these ideas on how to pull off grey living room ideas in the UK, you should be well on your way to a flattering and magnificent living room.

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