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How To Decorate Using Gray in the Living Room

How To Decorate Using Gray in the Living Room

Gray is one of the most popular neutral colors because it can be used in contemporary design, French Provencal design and a host of other decorating styles. However, this color can easily go from fab to drab if you aren’t careful. This article will help ensure your living room looks marvelous.

Choosing a Shade of Gray

Gray can have numerous undertones, including browns, greens, blues and purples. The undertone of your gray will help you choose the right accents. If you are having difficulty determining the undertone of your shade of gray, hold different color paint samples up to your gray.

Color can affect your mood; so, when choosing a shade of gray think of what type of setting you are creating. For example, blues are calming colors, while purple hues peak your curiosity and help you think more clearly.

Accent Colors

A gray living room allows you to use a variety of accent colors. Whether you choose to paint your walls gray or purchase gray furniture, you can have fun with accent pillows, decorations or throws. One of the benefits of using a neutral color in your living room is that it allows you to change out your pillows to different accent colors throughout the year.

In the Spring, place bright green or turquoise throw pillows on your couch. Then, in the Fall those pillows can be exchanged for warm Fall colors, such as orange, golden yellow, brown or red. When Christmastime comes, festive reds and greens will look amazing in your living room.

Another way to use gray in the living room is to pair it with pink. Pink and gray is used to create a romantic living room. Fill the room with rich materials, fluffy pillows a shimmery white rug and plenty of roses, peonies and hydrangeas to create a room your guests will be envious of.

How To Decorate Using Gray in the Living Room

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Finally, painting your tables black can help improve the look of your space when using gray in the living room. Black painted furniture can be used to create a contemporary feel or an Old World feel. Shiny black furniture with chrome accents are the perfect addition to a contemporary living room. Lightly distressed, black tables can add a vintage look to a living room, making it the perfect candidate for an Old World styled living room.

Gray is a great neutral color to use in the living room. Whether you are looking to create a romantic living room, a contemporary living room or a French Provencal inspired living room, you cannot go wrong with gray. This neutral color can be paired with a host of accent colors, making it the perfect neutral for your living room.

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