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Home Interior Decorating For Small House

Home Interior Decorating For Small House

Decorating a small house with a fairly small area is not easy. In addition to maximizing and maintaining the room function, you should also be able to decorate it beautifully. Regarding creative ideas is required. You could find design inspiration through online and printed media about Home Interior Decorating. Your house will look more comfortable if you find the correct way of decorating. Here are some tips for decorating a small house:


You can use a small tall slender model for furniture. Limiting the number of furniture in the room is also important. A bit of furniture could be combined with aesthetic elements and functionality. For example, it is better to place a smaller chair than a sofa, a small long table than the spacious and large one, small and tall cabinets than a big one, or a small beautiful vase than the tall one. You have to make sure the furniture also has a solid color or subtle pattern.Avoid a pattern that is too crowded or large. For Home Interior Decorating for small house, you should avoid large furniture because it will make the room look cramped. Also make sure the furniture is kept neatly organized. Do not forget to store small unneeded items in the drawer or shelf so they are not scattered. Therefore, the rooms look airy and spacious.


Various patterns can affect the impression of the room. Patterns that are too crowded and large can give the impression to narrow space. In conducting Home Interior Decorating, if you want to keep using patterned furniture, you can separate them to different areas. Also avoid putting patterned furniture in places, as it will only make the room look crowded and narrower. You can use patterned furniture such as pillows, rugs, carpets, or wallpaper. Place the patterned furniture in the room with bright and solid colors or place them in room that has a bit of furniture.

Home Interior Decorating For Small House

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In Home interior decorating for small home, you need a mirror. Hang any size mirror on the wall. Putting a Mirror is the easiest way to make a room look larger. For example, if your living room is small, place a mirror as wide as the wall to give impression of vast room. However, if you are hanging a mirror on the wall, avoid giving other additional decorations such as paintings. It causes the room to look too crowded and cramped.

Wall paint

Painting the walls is included in Home Interior Decorating. Use wall paint with solid colors or combination of two matching colors.Avoid colors that are too contrasted. Use cool colors such as blue, violet or green on the walls of a small room to give the effect of a larger room impression. However, if you want to use warm colors, you can combine neutral colors with cool colors. For example, you can use white with blue or beige colors with a few green.

Wall Hanging

If there is no window in the room, you can place paintings with pictures or simple image patterns. Painting frame size also should not be too thick or patterned. To find reference of wall hangings you can find in many stores that sell Home Interior Decorating needs.

The main principle in Home Interior Decorating for a small house is to make you see vertically. The point is to use furniture such as tall bookcases or cabinets to give effect of high ceilings. Additionally, you can put a long curtain placed near the ceiling then reaches to the floor.

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