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Home Interior Decorating for Mediterranean House

Home Interior Decorating for Mediterranean House

One of the interior design concepts that are still popular today is the Mediterranean style. Mediterranean-style home design comes from the region along the Mediterranean coastal subtropical sea. Characteristic of the climate in this area is a warm summer to hot and dry, and wet winters. This is because the area is located near the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, it is necessary that home design can provide atmosphere which is cool in the summer but can create a warm atmosphere in winter. The home design has nuances of the colonial era such as Greece, Italy and Spain. If you want to decorate the house with Mediterranean style, you have to pay attention to some special characteristics of Mediterranean Home interior decorating for the following:


Brown, leaf green, sky blue, yellow, beige, terracotta and orange colors are important aspects in Home interior decorating for the Mediterranean house. Exotic and natural colors are usually applied by combining light and soft colors. For example the orange color is often applied with shades of blue. Painting techniques for this Mediterranean-style home was different. Paint is applied with an uneven texture and thick in order to look natural.


The Mediterranean-style house has a lot of unique carved ornaments designs which are displayed on wall ledges, window frames, door frames, pillars in the house. They are also placed on the stairs railings, balconies, and fences. Another Home interior decorating for Mediterranean home is the use of forged iron ornaments which are used as accent pieces throughout the home, such as fence ornaments, ornate doors, window bars, candle holder, towel grip and cloth hanger. Furniture in the house is large, coated with a thick cloth, and the table and chair are made of plenty of sculptures or carvings and ornaments.

Home Interior Decorating for Mediterranean House

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This Home interior decorating with Mediterranean-style has home decoration which have strong nuance of the colonial era. Items such as pottery and ceramic vases and urns are used to decorate this Mediterranean house. Thick curtains that hung down are also one of the special features of this Mediterranean-style home. Ornaments such as large wall paintings also usually adorn this Mediterranean-style home.


Floors are painted with the same color or contrast from the color of the walls. This Mediterranean-style house usually uses bright terracotta colored tiles, or use mosaic tiles with patterns and bright colors. This Mediterranean-style home interior decorating can still be applied even if you do not have bright colored floor. You can place a large size rug that is usually put in the living room. Choose the rugs color and pattern with Mediterranean style that is easily found in the stores.

Mediterranean is actually inspired from residential style homes located in the areas tend to be warmer or tropical climates. However, even if your house is not in the climate areas you can still be apply this house style. You can apply your house with Mediterranean Home interior decorating. So you do not need to live in region near the Mediterranean Sea or the Mediterranean, right?

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