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Grey Walls Living Room Decor Ideas

Grey Walls Living Room Decor Ideas

Although most people prefer their walls white, some feel like white is rather boring. They try to find something with more personality, so they either paint one of the walls in a bright, vivid color or they choose to have all their walls grey.

Grey is good for a neutral background. It can be used in combination with white furniture or with black and white decor. It is perfect for any crazy idea. You can have a bright red couch and red paintings in your living room in order to contrast with the grey on your walls. You can choose black and white decor and a mix of white and black pieces of furniture. Your living room is going to have a very classy look and it will impress all your guests. It’s very easy to create a dramatic space by painting your walls in grey and adding deep blue images of far away galaxies. Find some exquisite frames for these images and allow your imagination roam freely through the Universe.

One this to avoid when going to grey walls is monotony. If you choose light grey for the walls, try to pick a darker shade for the carpets, couch and other pieces of furniture. Beware that too much of a cold color can create a feeling of rejection, so you should consider balancing it with some warm colors such as red and orange.

Grey Walls Living Room Decor Ideas

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Gradients can also make awesome living room decorations. You can have such gradients on the walls or on the upholstery of your sofa. Gradients are the perfect tool for playing around with volumes and spaces, in order to create optical illusions and make the room appear much bigger than in reality. Your guests can feel like being part of a dramatic movie once they step inside your home. You can play with their emotions and feelings by adding some colorful lights that can be adjusted from a remote control. Such lighting systems are readily available today and they are quite affordable. They can be the perfect touch for a room with grey walls. It’s always a good idea to keep most elements in a room neutral and have one or two central pieces in a contrasting color, in order to capture the attention and allow the eyes to rest. If you are in doubt, you can ask any interior designer and have the confirmation.

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