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Grey And Brown Living Room Decor Ideas To Create Interest

Grey And Brown Living Room Decor Ideas

If you like a classic living room, then you may be considering using neutral colors to keep things understated by going with the classic combination of grey and brown, These two can work really well together with all kinds of pieces and room styles. Read on to learn some grey and brown living room decor ideas.

Decide on your shades. Grey and brown are not just two colors because each one has many shades. For grey, you can find everything from light grey to slate to charcoal and more. You can also find all kinds of browns from sand to rust to chocolate, and many others.

Once you know what your color palette is going to be, try thinking about which pieces will be which colors. You can try having all brown furniture with grey accents and accessories or vice versa. You can even mix grey pieces with brown pieces to create an even mix.

Don’t forget to consider using these colors on your walls, floors, room accessories, linens, and more to tie everything into a cohesive look.

Consider what in your room should the highlight. Any area, accessories, or pieces that you want to be the focus in your room should stand out from the rest. You can do this by either using the lighter or darker shades that differ from everything else, or you can get or place patterns on them so that the eyes focus on them first.

Grey And Brown Living Room Decor Ideas

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One great thing about this color combination is that it is easy to find a ton of interesting patterns in. You can go with simple solids if you like. However, you can also find many classic patterns like polka dots, paisley, chevron, checkered, etc.

Aside from patterns, you can create some separation and interest by incorporating texture into this palette. For example, you can find wood in all different shades of grey and brown. You can either choose the same colors or mix different ones together to contrast each other. The same can be done with items like upholstery on a sofa, bedding, or your curtains or drapes.

Now you know that there are nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to grey and brown living room decor ideas. These two classic colors don’t have to be drab because they have so many variations. They can make any room more inviting if you learn how to properly create visual contrast and interest with them.

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