Livingroom Ideas

Gray Living Room Ideas

Gray Living Room Ideas

Gray has become the new white in the world of designing. This is because it has because it is an elegant neutral that gives depth to subtle colors and make the ones that are bold pop out (rather than shout). Gray comes with a challenge for many people because getting it right can be a challenge. The mood of the room can be impacted by the temperature of a particular shade and evoke different feelings. Ensure you understand the different shades and how they will impact the look and mood of the room, failure to which you may end up having a less than beautiful living room.

Walls are the most important when choosing the color you use. The best gray to use is the creamy trim. Using white can sometimes look too jarring. There are different options you can try out and choose the one that you think is the best for your living room. You should also use flat paint, not high gloss or semi-gloss on walls or you might end up having your wall looking like that of a dumpster. Gray is usually preferred because unlike white which can show fingerprints and smudges, it actually hides the flaws.

When using gray, ensure you introduce lots of light sources like floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, etc. It is important to add lots of light sources because gray is the color of shadow – you don’t want to cast more using an overhead fixture. The light will leave your room flattering.

For the color shy, using gray and pale blue is the best option. This is because the two make a naturally perfect combination, they feel sophisticated and subdued. The two colors can be used on the window curtains or furniture.

Gray Living Room Ideas

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The good thing with gray is that it can be used alongside different colors. There are certain colors that usually blend perfectly with gray and brings out the best in your room.

Using gray in your living room will give a formal and stylish look. One thing you should know is using focal points in your room because gray is not a dynamic color. An example is using a zebra rug in your living room.

If you have a wooden floor, then you don’t have to worry because gray easily blends with the color. People love wooden flooring because it adds warmth to the room.

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