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Gray Living Room Decor: How To Change Things Up

Gray Living Room Decor

Over the past few years, the color gray has become incredibly popular in the interior design world. This neutral hue is incredibly versatile, so it is perfect for changing up any living room. If you want to decorate using this color, you will be glad to know that you have dozens of options. Grey comes in tons of different shades and can be used in paint, furniture, decor items, fabric, and more. Though this color is often used for contemporary looks, you can use it to suit your specific taste. Consider some of the ideas in this article to make this hue work for you.

If you like gray but want a colorful living room, consider pairing this color with white and yellow accents. Yellow and gray are commonly used in modern interior design, as they compliment one another incredibly well. If you have a gray sofa, accent it with throw pillows in shades of yellow. You can opt for a pale, pastel shade or something sunny and bold. If you paint your walls gray, consider pairing that with yellow curtains or even an accent wall. You can play with these colors in dozens of shades to get the look you desire.

Gray Living Room Decor

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If you want an ultra-hip and modern look, go heavy on the grey and use it throughout you entire living room. Use black and white decor for understated accents. To avoid look monotonous, use varying shades to give you room a subtle pop. For example, a charcoal gray sofa will stand out against slate gray carpet or walls. Mix and match shapes to make things stand out, too. A slim sofa with square edged will pop next to large, rounded end tables. Again, you can play with shades of gray, black and white until you find something that works for you.

In order to find inspiration for your living room, look online at interior decorating blogs, forums, and other sites. You may also want to hire an interior decorator if you feel the need to totally revamp your home. You have many choices when it comes to this versatile hue, so have fun and try out a couple of different looks before you settle on one. Whether you want a hip or a retro look, you can make gray work for you. The options are endless when you decorate using this color.

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