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Creative Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

Choosing a color for your living room can be one of the hardest parts of decorating. With so many different colors out there, narrowing in on just one can seem impossible. One option that you may not have considered is going with a neutral color such as gray. Gray living rooms can be extremely calming and relaxing, while at the same time giving off an air of class and sophistication.

Best of all, because gray is a neutral color, you can accent the room with any other colors that you want. This makes it easy to change up the look of the room simply by changing your accessories.

If you decide to go this route, you should start by painting the walls in a basic gray color. Be aware of the undertones of the gray paint. Some grays are warm, while others are cool. Consider the furniture you will be putting in the room to decide which tone of gray will look best. You may want to experiment with several different paint samples until you find the one that looks best.

Next, consider the furniture that you want to put in the space. Typically gray, black or white furniture works well since it continues the neutral theme. If you want a more natural look in the room, choose furniture that has wood accents. If, on the other hand, you are going for a more modern design, look for furniture with clean lines and metal accents.

Grey Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Finally, choose your accessories. Because the gray provides a neutral backdrop, you can go crazy with color or pattern on your throw pillows, artwork, vases and other accessories. Try adding turquoise throw pillows for an unexpected pop of color. Alternatively, position bright orange vases on shelves throughout the room. If you prefer, you can decorate with bold, black and white accessories to give the room a clean, graphic feel.

Anytime in the future that you feel like redecorating, all you have to do is choose different accessories for the room and you can create a whole new look. That is what is so amazing about sticking with a neutral color palette for the main elements of the room.

Hopefully these gray living room decorating ideas give you a jumping off point for decorating your space. The most important thing to remember with any decorating project is that you should only choose pieces that you absolutely love for the space.

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