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Contemporary Home Interior Designs

Contemporary Home Interior Designs

If you are tired with the look of your classic home design, you can try the concept of contemporary design. Contemporary design borrows some design elements from Modernism and Postmodernism. So the concept is identical with modern and simple lifestyle. There are several styles of contemporary Home Interior Designs that can be chosen for, they are:


One of contemporary Home Interior Designs is named eclectic that refers to concept which is popular today. Therefore this style can be developed into many variations. Eclectic is suitable for those who do not want only one style in the house. This style allows you to mix multiple design elements and decorations into one look that seemed modern and trendy. However, you should be wary if you put too many different elements without seeing the beauty and functionality, your house will only look crowded without any element of popularity.

New York

Contemporary Home Interior Designs have distinctive features and style with their own uniqueness. For example New York style design. It is inspired by the atmosphere of the city of New York which is modern and open. New York Style has a design with a wide-open space with neutral colored walls and modern furniture. The interior design has furniture and decorations accents of simple yet striking and stylish.

Shabby Chic

This interior design had British look with the color of the walls and floors are all in white. Furniture and home accessories of shabby chic style use vintage and feminine concept. Besides white, pastel and soft colors dominate this style. Compared to other Contemporary Home Interior Designs, this style is easier to combine with others.

Contemporary Home Interior Designs


Another contemporary Home Interior Designs style is funky which is identical with bulky furniture. Furniture with bright flashy colors and large size look cool and funky. It is suitable to apply for the nursery. In addition, large around sofa and matching coffee table with contrasting color accents can be used. Use furniture that are multifunctional, such as a coffee table with a lot of drawer, or short cabinet with dressing table on top. Combination of a low white table and chairs with bright red poufs manifold makes you want to sit and taking a conversation or just having snack while watching TV.

Swedish Style

This contemporary interior design concept is maximalist. Maximalist means most of the space is filled with interesting furniture with full pattern and color. The furniture is very eye-catching and the fabric for sofas, sofa cushions, curtains, and tablecloth are crowded with pattern and colorful. This interior design style is the most crowded and maximalist compared to other Contemporary Home Interior Designs. Although the furniture may seem to have irregular mixed colors but the design actually organized for maximum visual appeal. Bright colors are used to create a focal point of the entire room to make visitors want to look closer into that room.

Thus some Contemporary Home Interior Designs that may inspire you in designing a house. These contemporary designs will continue to evolve in accordance with what is popular in the time.

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