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Chic Family Room Interior Design Ideas

Family Room Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to family room interior design ideas, all you need is have a creative mind and an eye for detail. The kitchen may be the heart of the home, but the family room is the where people gather and share as they wind down. It is a section of the house where people can enjoy some TV, study, or various other activities. Since, it is a room that people spend a lot of time in, the furniture and the décor lose their freshness gradually. However, redoing the interior design helps to give the room a refreshing look.

Nevertheless, you still need to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve in the room and that means looking for inspiration. The funny thing is that inspiration that births the unique idea comes from the most unexpected places. It might be from a picture you come across on the web, a piece of wood that has unique patterns, or even a wall-hanging. It is all letting your imagination going wild and seeing what you can achieve as you let all these inspirations take hold.

Once your inspirations help you have several family room interior design ideas that you can work with, you will need to consider how to merge all of your ideas into one thing. For this, you will need to remember two important things – colour and texture.

I. Utilize the beauty of colour

Colour bring in an emotional aspect to décor. What you want to achieve as well has the area of application always govern which colours to use. In the case of a family room, you need to work with light colours that have a cool and calm feel.

II. Work with texture to achieve a personalised look

Texture should be factored in the overall presentation of the design because they add to the aesthetics achieved with colour. While colour adds life, it is rather had to achieve a personalised look for your interior design using only colour, you need to have a bit of texture. It can be smooth or rough, bold patterns, rustic or modern textures, all on various materials ranging from wood, stone, to metal.

If you are not sure of what look to for, then here are some family room interior design ideas you might consider using for your family room.

• Lighten Up The Room

One thing that should never lack in the family room is light; there should be plenty of it but yet in an easy to manage setting. You can achieve this by using bring colours and light, bright, sheers on the windows with slightly opaque drapes. White is a colour that will give a neutral look and will not overshadow other decorative accents. Other colours you can consider include light hue variations of blue, green, yellow, orange, or even purple.

• Segment Using Visuals

Decors is all about making the most of what you have, working with the details. For instance, if your house has cedar ceiling beams, you can use them to divide visually and even define the room guiding you on how to arrange your furniture and upholstery. The lack of solid structures segmenting the room also helps to achieve a look that creates the illusion of more open space.

• Mix It Up

In the world of décor, anything goes just as long as you have a creative mind and an eye for detail. It is okay to go with a particular look, but if you want to achieve more, then consider mixing up all your family room interior design ideas. Look for more than just one or two styles. Work with the new but do not be too quick to discredit the old. Mix the modern with the old (traditional) and you will strike a balance that is unique only to your house. For instance, you can do traditional sofas or include stones to make a fireplace (the goals being coming up with a vintage charm); you then mix it up with contemporary lines using drapes done in modern patterns and designs topped up with a touch of modern upholstery.

• Hidden Function

Sometimes, opting not to work the design idea that give an obvious presentation is good. It creates that an expected décor. You can consider working with custom built-in cabinetry that you will use for your TV, books, or other items. The built-in cabinetry will be done in a way that is blends in with other installations such as when placed above the fireplace, the cabinetry will hide TV, books, and other items. You can also invest in other things such as a table with drawers.

Family Room Interior Design Ideas

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• Symmetry Rules

You can never go wrong with a balanced arrangement if you are working with a direct view towards a central point in the room. For instance, the central point is the fireplace where you have your bookcases on the side, a TV and jars on the mantel among other touches. Giving that section a symmetrical arrangement is the best option. You can still manage to liven up the view using contrasting hues for the bookshelves and giving the fireplace a different complementary detail.

• Mix And Match

While a symmetrical design is great, it often works for a medium to large room. Small rooms need something that gives them a buzz. You can achieve this by mixing and matching various patterns. Do not be shy to work with bold patterns, just be ready to cool them using mildly hued details. For instance, you can have the room done in white and use orange sheers at the windows. Floral rugs an animal-print chair, and herringbone patterned pillows for a brown sofa will be a great mix and match idea.

• Create A Statement

Interior design is all about art. Use various family room interior design ideas to make a bold statement of art. Invest in impressive artworks, buy one of two sleek and sophisticated furnishings and consider the same for a bit of your upholstery. If you can get some antiques, use them to ensure that you active the modern and traditional art setting. Also, use some bold accessories that have patterns that stand out.

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