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Beautiful Gray And Turquoise Living Room Decorating Ideas

Gray And Turquoise Living Room Decorating Ideas

Deciding on a color scheme for your living room is one of the hardest, yet most vital parts of decorating. If you are looking for a color palette that is both sophisticated and stunning to look at, you may want to consider choosing a gray and turquoise color scheme. Here are some beautiful gray and turquoise Living Room Decorating Ideas to get you started:

  1. Consider painting the walls gray and adding pops of color throughout the space by using bright turquoise accessories. By keeping the walls a neutral color, you can draw attention to the other decor in the room.
  2. Try painting the walls turquoise and accenting the space with gray furniture and decor. This can give a slightly more energized feel to the space than going with gray walls and turquoise accessories.
  3. Look for gray and turquoise damask wallpaper for at least one of the walls. This can instantly add a sense of luxury and elegance to the space, while at the same time creating visual interest. Just be sure to look for a subtle print that won’t overwhelm the space.
  4. Bring natural elements into the space. If you want to create a room that is extremely calming, decorate it in shades of pale gray and soft turquoise with natural wood or stone accents. Depending on the accents that you choose, the room can either take on a beachy feel, or can become more like a calming woodland retreat.
  5. Play around with your lighting. If you really want to make an impact on the space, try using turquoise colored lamps. This is particularly effective if the shade of the lamp is turquoise so that it gives off a soft blue glow each time it is turned on. Whether you choose hanging lamps, track lighting, table lamps or an elegant chandelier, adding pops of turquoise to your lighting can have a dramatic effect on the space.

Gray And Turquoise Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Hopefully these gray and turquoise Living Room Decorating Ideas are enough to get you started on creating the room of your dreams. Because these two colors work so well together, it is hard to make any mistakes with this particular color scheme. The most important thing to remember anytime you are designing a room is to stick with pieces that you love. As long as you only put items in the space that make your heart sing, you will be more than happy with the end result.

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