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4 Grey Living Room Ideas For A Shabby Cottage Look

Grey Living Room Ideas

Grey is a popular color choice for homeowners looking to create a modern appeal to their living room space, but it works for a variety of other home design choices. In fact, you can design the perfect shabby cottage look in your living room with subtle shades of grey. You don’t need a design professional to make the most out of your living room, and even the novice home decorator can have a blast with these four grey living room ideas.

1. Go Monochromatic With Subtle Shades

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with creating a monochromatic scene in your living room. In fact, it can lessen some of the anxiety associated with making decisions when it comes to choosing accessories and furniture. Playing off of shades of grey and white is the perfect way to create a cozy cottage look.

2. Choose French Inspired Furniture

Your furniture doesn’t need to be antique, rather, choose furniture that mimics antique design. Oftentimes, actual antiques can feel dated or too much in a space, whereas, opting for modern furniture with old fashioned flair can do the trick. Make sure you pick furniture that is made from wood or metal, and features light colored frames.

3. Infuse Your Grey Designs With Texture

One of the most important aspects of designing any room is choosing the right textiles and textures to create the perfect look. You can go crazy with texture, but whenever in doubt, use it sparingly and only choose a textured rug and upholstery fabric that works with your chosen furnishings.

Grey Living Room Ideas

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4. Setting A Grey Backdrop

The last aspect of designing your space is setting the perfect grey backdrop. Choose a light shade of grey to paint your walls, and add white crown molding to create a feeling of height and space. Additionally, you can choose to add details to your walls such as vertical mirrors and ornate frames to give it an even more provincial look.

Grey living room ideas are truly endless, and this article just touched on some ways that you can make your living room space truly your own. However you decide to decorate your space, make sure to add your own signature touch. If you collect something or have photos to display, don’t shy away from displaying them in a prominent spot in your living room. To add a touch of luxury, choose silver accessories to accentuate your walls.

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