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4 Fantastic Grey Living Room Furniture Ideas On A Budget

Grey Living Room Furniture Ideas

Homeowners all over the globe are finding that a contemporary home can be just as cozy as any other style. With so many options out there when it comes to furniture, it can be a bit hard to pick the right style, shape, and color. For a contemporary look, opting for shades of grey is a good choice. It is the perfect color that balances light and dark when you select the right shades.

Ready to give your living room a fashionable makeover? Here are four great grey living room furniture ideas on a budget all homeowners should consider:

1. Use Grey Upholstery Fabric On Seating

Your entire seating arrangement in your living room need not be grey. In fact, you can use your old furniture by having them reupholstered in shades of grey or grey patterns. If your furniture is wood, you can easily paint it white, dark brown, or black to match your new upholstery. Not sure you can afford to reupholster? Create your own slipcovers that are easy to wash and replace as necessary!

2. Mirrors And Grey Mix Well

When going for a completely modern look, it’s important to create an open feeling in your living room. Even if the overall space is cramped by today’s standards, install grey furniture that has mirrors on them. This can help you refract natural light, making your furniture appear smaller and lighter. The mirror effect also works great if you place vertical mirrors throughout your living space.

Grey Living Room Furniture Ideas

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3. Use Dark Grey Sparingly

Grey can look wonderful in lighter hues, but you have to take into consideration that installing dark grey furniture can make your space feel small or cramped. Ultimately, you will want to opt for lighter shades of grey, but that doesn’t mean you need to skip using dark grey. In fact, some pieces of furniture, such as console and end tables look fantastic painted dark grey.

4. Grey Is Not Just A Paint Color

Barn wood is a great example of grey occurring naturally in our environment. This type of furniture is not only eco-friendly, but it yields a modern rustic appeal to your living room. If you’re not sure you want glossy grey paint throughout your space, opt for recycled barn wood!

Whenever you use a solid color such as grey, don’t shy away from adding pops of color. Small accessories such as a vase or a rock can add interest to your living room.

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